H.P.Brandt Funeral Home, Inc.

1032 Perry Highway
Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania  15237


  • My grandfather and grandmother pre paid for their funeral services here and paid it off before they both passed. My grandfather passed 7 years ago, and my grandmother passed three weeks ago. The director and his staff were rude, impersonal and downright impolite. They acted like everything was a bother, they SAT, acting completely bored during the 1 day viewing. The funeral service we were treated to more rudeness and general uncaring. My grandmother was 93, and her funeral was small-she has outlived most family and her friends. No sympathies, no warmness, nothing from these people. They were a bit more polite when my grandfather passed, but I could not believe how they treated my family during this time. I should mention also, the decor has not been updated since the mid-80s. Carpet stained and worn, furniture was outdated and shabby.The place also smelled very badly, hits you as soon as you walk in the door. My family will NEVER use their services again.
  • Laura

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H.P.Brandt Funeral Home, Inc., Pittsburgh

H.P. Brandt Funeral Home, Inc. is a full-service funeral home that has provided dignified, affordable funeral services to the North Hills Community for 102 years. Founded on February 10, 1902 by Herman P. Brandt, it has been a part of the growth and development, as well as the history, of the Perrysville area. In 1902, Mr. Brandt purchased the land and home of Dr. Lindley and operated the H.P. Brandt Funeral Home from this location for 35 years. As both a public servant and an active part of the development of the business district, Brandt saw a need to expand his business to keep up with the growing community. After several years of studying plans and visiting outstanding funeral homes in the tri-state area, he began construction of a new funeral home on Perry Highway in July 1936. The new facility, from which H.P. Brandt Funeral Home, Inc. still operates today at 1032 Perry Highway, was officially opened on March 5, 1937.


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